Spagnol at EXPO for the agriculture of the future

Spagnol is proud to announce its presence at EXPO with an original installation, the VERTICAL FARM. It’s a 4,5 m high greenhouse made to develop the agriculture 3.0 characterized by local production, no land consumption and no pesticide. The project, achieved by ENEA, allows cultivating plants without using ground: the plants grow in cubes of soil substrate plunged in water with nutrients in a continuous cycle. 


Spagnol contributed to the success of the first vertical farm in Italy by supplying a computerized fertigation system. This installation not only provides water, but also checks constantly both the pH and the salinity of the solution in order to feed the plants the proper quantity of fertilizer through irrigation.




The irrigation system works every hour with an ebb and flow cycle through that the water is supplied by flooding the benches to allow plants to absorb only the needed. The rest of the water flows by gravity on the tanks beneath in order to reuse it for the next irrigation. 

Moreover, the plants in the vertical farm grow in a protected and air-conditioned environment, thanks to Spagnol that supplied an air-conditioned system where temperature and humidity are optimized based on the needs of the plants.

The vertical farm is installed in the Future Food District at EXPO 2015 till the end of the event. Come and see it! 

Vertical farm




Thanks to Spagnol automations, our new client from Australia is currently running with great satisfaction the first crop of tomatoes out of soil.


For EXPO 2015 Spagnol specifically designed and realized a mixer for the dosage of fertilizer using water produced from solar desalinators.


 One of the achievements of Spagnol in 2014 was to establish a partnership with a major company in the UAE specialized in the supply and installation of systems for hydroponic crops.


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